Unlike many of its competitors, StratForce prides itself on being vendor and technology agnostic in order to serve the interests of its clients first and foremost.

StratForce brings to its clients a deep understanding of past, new and emerging technologies as well as vast industry knowledge across technology, commercial real estate, retail, hospitality, luxury, media, and financial services.

Deeply rooted in data, analytics, insights, and research, combined with agility and speed, we work closely with clients to identify, create and deliver actionable strategies to master success in the digital age.

We do this by bringing industry expertise to combine case study evidence with today and tomorrow’s thinking on business models, leadership, innovation, customers, competition, value, and data.


We are a specialised strategy consultancy focused on the combination of physical and digital customer experience in the digital age.

We believe in the values of data, technology, digital, and business transformation to deliver perpetually relevant customer experiences that transcend space and time. We call this Spatial Experience.

The value of space is determined by how effectively it engages visitors through the experience and interactions to be had in order to incite visitors to return more often.

We have always been big on customer experience being the key to business success.

That’s why at StratForce we spend our time with the best minds devising strategies to deliver great customer experiences in the digital economy, based on building the right foundations to successfully implement these strategies – repeatedly.

Our strategies – broken down into projects – focus on delivering interactive experiences that captivate customers, inspiring them to consume, delighting them to come back, while optimising operations – all in order to increase NOI.

StratForce helps clients create the best customer experiences for their audiences – digitally connected consumers don’t wait for stragglers.

We help our clients shape their future, combining industry expertise with the understanding of how technology will impact their business.

What we stand for


One of our core values is to remain partner, platform, and technology agnostic in order to develop the best strategy for our clients and then select the most appropriate partners & vendors to implement them.


Customer Centric

All our strategies are user-focused and include a design-thinking approach to recommend differentiating experiences that build engagement with consumers.


We are passionate about the work we do and intensely focused on delivering the best strategies for our clients. We bring a vigorous spirit and energy to everything we do. Our success requires that we are swift, agile, and out-think our competitors. We highly value strong subject matter expertise and an insatiable appetite to learn.


Focused on Experience and Outcomes

With 30 years of digital experience, we understand that personalised, optimised and integrated customer interactions across touchpoints, will maximise engagement, conversion and loyalty by enhancing customer engagement. For this we help clients invest in new initiatives, people, and technologies that help grow their core business.



We are one Stratforce. We understand and know that the best strategies are a result of the ideas and contributions of a diverse team of associates and partners. Diversity strengthens us and delivers better results for our clients. Constant communication and exploration is critical to our success. We are focused on a commitment to excellence in everything we do.


Niche Specialists

We work exclusively on developing leading digital strategies for business, making sure these address our clients’ objectives, capabilities, and empower our clients’ teams to deliver them successfully.


Relevant Experience

Our most senior consultants have 30+ years experience in digital across a number of industries, across numerous world regions including North America, Europe, South East Asia, India, and Australia.


Continuous exploration and testing of innovations helps us be a competitive difference for our clients. Innovating allows us to bring the best of StratForce to our clients. Innovation requires us to be respectfully anti-bureaucratic, to challenge the status quo and not be afraid of failure. Introducing new and innovative approaches to our clients’ businesses is an important element of our success.

We help our clients start digital trends, not just follow them.


The first thing we undertake is an audit of your business to understand how it operates today, identify gaps and opportunities and determine what it would be like once transformed for the digital age. It’s a vital step to the foundation of engaging with today and tomorrow’s customers.

We then focus on your transformation. Using the audit as a starting point we work closely with you to identify what Customer, Competition, Data, Innovation, and Value mean for your business in the digital age.

The outcome is a number of strategies for your business to achieve its full potential. We work with you in delivering these strategies and building your digital capabilities to succeed in the connected world we live in.

We help you leverage your investments in digital & technology to realise both cost-saving efficiencies and new business growth. We do this by suggesting the right technology combinations, taking into consideration changing technologies, and those that lower costs as well as those best suited to drive revenue growth. We do this while making sure your staff and stakeholders’ digital literacy and maturity increase in order to sustainably be successful in the digital age.

Let’s Start Something new

How can we help you? Let us know below and we’ll come back to you with some options, case studies, and additional information on how way may serve you best.

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