At the Stratforce Group, we are always on the lookout for digitally-minded people with a passion for what they do. Experts in their fields, from administration to augmented reality, from artificial intelligence to data science, software engineers to management consultants – we look for passion, dedication, honesty, the right type of ambition, risk-takers, big thinkers. 

We want the most passionate, dynamic and creative individuals to service our clients and be part of our team. We can always train you for anything else. 

We are big believers in remote working. We are lean, agile and project led – which means we scale up and down with the workload and commit to meet face-to-face centrally once a week depending on the client contract.

We pay well for established business and we are generous with equity when developing new businesses.

We are focused, organised and serious, like the Germans, when it comes to managing and delivering for our clients. 

We are optimistic and go-getting, like the Americans, when it comes to ideas and new business opportunities. 

We are gregarious and fun like the Italians and Australians in our work environment and with each other.

We are honest, accountable, supportive, respectful towards our colleagues. 

We are unified as a people and always have each other’s backs. 

We are team players in all situations. 

We respect our colleagues’ contribution to the business and the people choices managers have made. If you work with us there is a very good reason why and this is respected.

We believe in thinking-time and physical wellbeing as we know this results in positive mental health and productivity.

We strongly believe in equality and welcome everybody.

We believe in talent, not gender or religion or sexuality.

We believe in openness and welcome opinions.

We believe in failure and what can be learnt from it.

We differentiate between failure and mistakes, understanding we are all human, however, mistakes are only tolerated to a point.

We believe in grievance and acting upon it.

We believe in emotional intelligence.


We do not believe in assholes, ambition at all costs, disrespect of others and working around people. We do not believe in politics, bullies, or power plays.


We are not here to build empires but we strive to partner and compete appropriately in order to lead in the markets we operate in.


We believe in purpose, environmental consciousness, and the legacy we leave for future generations.


If this is you and the environment you would like to work in, then please get in touch below.


Here are some of the key roles we are always looking to build relationships with:

Senior Digital Strategists

Senior Marketing Strategists

Retail Strategists

Hospitality Strategists

System and Platform Evaluators 

Cybersecurity auditors

Cybersecurity strategists 

Data strategists

Automation Strategists

AI / ML strategists

Project Managers

Business Consultants

Business / Operation Managers

Business administration Managers & assistants


If we get to the next stage, you’ll be asked to send us an up-to-date CV with a covering letter, but before you do, have a look at the points below…


  • Be confident – tell us what makes you awesome; we want to hear all about your talents & experience!
  • Show us your character; why would our clients love you?
  • If you’re passionate, enthusiastic and love business strategy, digital, tech, delivering great customer service and great outcomes, we want to know about it!
  • Learn about what we do;
  • Cehck yuor speling.
  • Choose a nice font, please.


We look for people who love what they do!

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