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StratForce is your strategic force for success in the digital age.

Recognised as trusted advisors in digital, experience, and technology strategy, we develop leading strategies for business success in the digital age.

Established in 2013, Stratforce was founded by Max Ryerson after a 17-year career in digital across various industries in Europe, North America, and Australia. We have since worked on leading strategies for a number of clients such as:



We help you by providing a full range of services to help your organisation evaluate, make decisions and then implement strategy that will drive success.

We have developed specific customisable solutions to address the more common challenges businesses face on their digital journeys, including:

Business Audit

We undertake an assessment of your existing business and capabilities to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, against the 5 key pillars of digital transformation: customers, competition, data, innovation, and value. As part of the audit, we make recommendations to improve your digital readiness, literacy, and maturity. The audit is the foundation for the strategic work we undertake for you.

Business Strategy

Using the findings from the audit and leveraging years of digital experience, we work closely with senior management and your teams, to provide independent, objective advice and constructive challenge to deliver a practical, simple to understand, realistically deliverable digital transformation strategy for implementation by your team. This overall strategy comprises 10 separate elements.


Partner Selection

Our agnostic selection process reduces time, cost and risk of choosing the most appropriate technology and partner to deliver the right strategy for your business. Our selection is a two-step process of compatibility and readiness assessment followed by supplier briefing and final selection.


Project Management

Working with senior management and your teams, we identify specific digital strategy projects, scope them up, select vendors, when possible calculate ROI, and work with your team to deliver them.

Market Research

We undertake market research to deliver an understanding of how technology and consumer trends will affect the future of your business.

Digital Products

As innovators, we are constantly looking to improve how we serve our clients. With continued technological advancements in the 4th industrial revolution, we are planning to launch new digital products to better serve our clients in 2019 and 2020.

We help businesses increase net operating income in the rapidly maturing digital economy.


We work in an agile manner, with numerous associates and resources which we can call on as needed. This allows us to be cost effective without sacrificing quality and deliver, at a fraction of the cost,  the same, if not better, results that you would get from our larger competitors.

Our senior strategist and project managers are leaders in digital transformation, digital strategy, and digital marketing who have all worked for major brands and technology companies such as:



CEO & Chief Digital Strategist

With over 30 years of digital experience garnered in multiple world regions, Max is now a well established and acknowledged leader in the Australian digital industry. He has developed market-leading shopping mall digital strategies, regularly referenced in the Australian market.

Max graduated from Columbia Business School with a 99% passing mark in Digital Strategies for Business.

Consulting to corporates, Max provides considered guidance and strategy through research and extensive digital experience to ensure those businesses develop a competitive advantage, increasing net operating income as a result of top-line growth and cost efficiencies.

Max has worked through all business lifecycles from conception to start-ups to top publicly listed companies. He has started a number of businesses and worked for major corporations in senior management positions, from IT management, to website development, to digital cinema, to tech-focused financial services, to events, to publishing, to digital signage, to wearable technology, to digital payments, building access, public transport, and commercial real estate.

Prior to founding StratForce, Max was National Digital Strategy Manager – all asset classes – at The GPT Group. Over the past 7 years he has been responsible for a range of digital strategy projects including: future proofing GPT retail assets through the development of a market leading digital strategy (including e-commerce support and fulfilment for retailers); re-institutionalising Blackstone retail assets through digital projects to increase shopper engagement, reduce costs through business process optimisation, and redefining the tenant experience strategy; and future proofing hospitality assets for NOI Strategy clients through future thinking experience technology strategies.

Over the years, Max led numerous teams, was responsible for increasing revenue by 20% to 500%, creating new value opportunities, optimising processes to reduce costs, implementing market leading innovation, and establishing brands as digital leaders across social media, e-commerce, and all other digital touch points.

Max is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences internationally, including Urban Land Institute – Word Economic Forum events, as well as a published author and contributor to a number of industry publication on a range of digital topics. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the International University of Monaco and a certificate in Digital Strategies for Business from Columbia Business School.

Max started coding at age six. He won multiple website awards in the late 1990s.


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