Stratforce Group Ltd. is a multidisciplinary company that comprises complementary divisions and joint-ventures working together or independently to service our clients’ requirements.

These include Stratforce Consulting, Strategic Systems Solutions, Stratforce Ventures, and Sunio One.

As a business strategy consultancy for Commercial Real Estate and Private Equity Portfolio companies, we help businesses transform to increase their value and return on investments in the digital age.

Providing city-level governments and Commercial Real Estate sector stakeholders with digital transformation & ESG advice & strategies to evolve analogue businesses, building, and cities into smart entities.

A division of the Stratforce Group, we help companies implement strategic solutions to help support their people achieve their goals. Our solutions include: Robotic Process Automation, Salesforce Customisation, Systems Integrations, Data as a Service.

As the venture division of the Stratforce Group, we explore new ventures or back ventures that are either complementary to the group’s divisions or show promise in the digital age.

Stratforce Ventures